After seeing Black Panther 1 3/4 times(yea…that’s for another blog), I’ve noticed myself reciting or thinking about powerful lines from this box office smash.($218 million so far)

Oakland native Ryan Coogler(31) did a PhenomenAmazing job with this Marvel instant classic. Being that I’m from the Bay Area, this was very special for me.  (I think I’ll save that for another blog too)

If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading this and go see it right now! If you have seen it, I’m sure you’ll recognize these tweetable lines. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite line.

Now let’s get to it!


“You get to decide what kind of king you are going to be”.

“Hey Auntie”. (my favorite line)

“I waited my entire life for this”.

“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved”.

“Don’t scare me like that colonizer”.

“Wakanda Forever”.

“Don’t freeze”.

“More connects us than separates us…but in times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers”.

“Show him who you are”.

“You’re a good man, with a good heart…and it’s hard for a good man to be king”.

A couple other good ones:

“For Wakanda?..without question”.

“A man that has not prepared his children for his death has failed them”.


Alright my good people, that’s it for now. If I missed one of your favorites,  leave it in the comments. Your future your will thank you for it. #Domin8YourDay

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