100 Empowering Statements That Encourage Greatness

Domin8 Your Day is more than just a catchy saying, it’s a mindset. It’s being PROACTIVE about forcing your will upon your day and not allowing your day to force its will upon you. It’s being INTENTIONAL about giving your Perfect Effort to everything that you do.

“Domin8 Your Day: 100 Empowering Statements That Encourage Greatness” is a high-energy, high-value, interactive book that will take you through insightful explorations of how self-awareness can positively impact your life and the lives of others.

Packed with empowering statements, encouraging summaries, transparent stories and transformative questions, this book will help you be the very best version of yourself that you were created to be, in every moment of your day.


We had the honor of having Dwight Taylor speak at one of our events here at the Youth Detention Facility. After hearing him speak, numerous residents and officers suggested his book, “Domin8 Your Day”. They were inspired by Dwight’s message and wanted to learn more about ways to be encouraged. “Domin8 Your Day” is filled with positive and uplifting words that will make you want to be a better person. It not only contains topics that we deal with on a daily basis, but the book contains a Q&A section that will encourage self-reflection. Being able to reflect, you become more self-aware. The more you are aware of yourself, the more changes you can make to be better, one step at a time. This book will be the start of your transformation. The Youth Detention Facility Library bought copies of the book, and I am proud to say that in one week almost all of the books were sold out. Thank you Dwight for being able to reach our youth.

Tiffany Merritt
Probation Assistant, Sacramento Probation Department

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“Domin8 Your Day” is published by E Squared Publishing Group


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