Dwight Taylor, Sr. is “The Encouragement Expert”

He was recently awarded the “Community Playmaker” award by Walmart and named “Jr. NBA Coach of the Year” by the Sacramento Kings. As a Student Success Coach for students throughout the country, he has the amazing opportunity to coach student-leaders each and every day. On his 35th birthday, Dwight released his first book “Domin8 Your Day: 100 Empowering Statements That Encourage Greatness”. Whether giving motivational presentations in Australia and the Cayman Islands or standing in a DMV line in America, encouraging greatness with empowering statements is what Dwight does on a daily basis. He currently resides in Sacramento, CA with his beautiful family.

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Domin8 Your Day is more than just a catchy saying, it’s a mindset. It’s being PROACTIVE about forcing your will upon your day and not allowing your day to force its will upon you. It’s being INTENTIONAL about giving your Perfect Effort to everything that you do.

“Domin8 Your Day: 100 Empowering Statements That Encourage Greatness” is a high-energy, high-value, interactive book that will take you through insightful explorations of how self-awareness can positively impact your life and the lives of others.

Packed with empowering statements, encouraging summaries, transparent stories and transformative questions, this book will help you be the very best version of yourself that you were created to be, in every moment of your day.




Dwight has been a big brother and mentor of mine since I was a freshman in high school. His passion to impact lives is second to none!

Johnnie Bryant
Utah Jazz Assistant Coach

He immediately connects with students, and they immediately know that he means what he says and he cares. I wholeheartedly recommend that Coach Taylor visit your school to empower your students.

Cindy Hollander
Principal, Sequoia Elementary School

Dwight is one of the most positive people you will ever meet.

Dave Deuce Mason
Reporter, Good Day Sacramento

Dwight is one of the most passionate men I have ever met. He excels at coaching young people because it is truly his passion. His drive is contagious and young people are becoming inspired.

Joshua Paul
Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A (Alta Arden)


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