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I’m Dwight Taylor, Sr., and I’m here to share my journey as a dynamic TEDx speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and international professional communicator, gratefully endorsed by the legendary Les Brown.

I wear many hats – I’m an Educational Consultant, a Student Success Coach, a Business Consultant, and an Effective Communication Trainer, all in pursuit of my mission to transform individuals and organizations.

My core focus as a Consultant and Effective Communication Trainer revolves around enhancing the culture and climate of every space I enter. I’m a firm believer that improved communication is the key to building stronger relationships, and I’m dedicated to helping high-performance leaders achieve personal and professional fulfillment with communication excellence as their foundation. My leadership philosophy centers on empathy, guiding me in fostering understanding and connection.

With over two decades of experience and a Bachelor of Science degree, I’ve had the privilege of educating diverse audiences around the world. My presentations are designed to inspire and inform, nurturing healthier individuals and teams, ultimately leading to increased positivity, productivity, and endless possibilities. My brainchild, the “5 Levels of Domination for Personal and Professional Transformation,” is a testament to my commitment to driving positive change.

I’ve poured my insights into three books, each packed with empowering statements, encouraging summaries, transparent stories, and transformative questions. These books serve as guides, inviting readers on a profound journey of self-awareness and effective communication, positively impacting their lives and those around them.

Over the past seven years, I’ve become a sought-after speaker and facilitator at California State University, Sacramento. I also play an integral role on Sac State’s planning committee for their “College: Making It Happen” program, emphasizing the critical importance of early college and career preparation.

As a Certified Transformational Coach, I’ve had the honor to work with multi-million dollar corporations, high-level nonprofit organizations, sports teams, and individuals striving to elevate their lives. My unwavering mission is to assist clients in defining their dreams, overcoming obstacles, achieving clarity, and sustaining momentum.

I bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to every endeavor. My dedication to improving communication, fostering success, and facilitating personal and professional growth sets me apart as a leader in the fields of education, business, and communication. I invite you to join me on a journey of transformation and growth, where together, we can achieve greatness.

My non-profit organization & legacy initiative empowers youth one interaction at a time.

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